Diary of a CNN.com intern

The front page of CNN.com on With more crow’s feet and grey hairs than your average student, I arrived at CNN International for a three-month internship to admiring comments on the clickety-clack of my two-finger typing. “You sound just like the old hacks I used to work with,” one seasoned journalist very kindly remarked.

My maturity aside, if I’d known how hard it would be to juggle a two-day-a-week internship with a master of journalism course and three young children, I’m not sure I would have accepted the opportunity to work on the CNN.com website so quickly. But as difficult as it was, the experience taught me some fundamental lessons that no classroom possibly could, and reaffirmed my decision to switch to journalism mid-career.  Continue reading

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China in soft power push with foreign students

130529032917-foreign-students-china-story-topGracen Duffield, 45, sold her house in Austin, Texas and threw in a successful career in IT with Dell Inc. to take MBA studies in China — “somewhere with real opportunities,” she said.

Leea Tiusanen, a 27-year-old from Finland, took a sabbatical from her managerial role at a large retail company to complete one year of her business degree in China. “There’s so much more happening over here (China) than there is in Europe,” she said.

And Jonathan Oi, a 25-year-old American with Chinese parents said he “returned to the motherland” to get his MBA at Guanghua School of Management to help differentiate himself from his American graduate-school peers.

These three are just a few of the thousands of western students now flocking to China for higher education, cultural adventure and — more often than not — an edge in an extremely competitive job market. Continue reading

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World’s Happiest Nations are…

IMG_2439Those looking for greater happiness and satisfaction in life should head  to northern Europe, but steer clear of Egypt and countries worst hit by the eurozone crisis, according to the 2013 World Happiness Report released Monday by Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden are the world’s happiest countries, according to the survey of 156 countries. Rwanda, Burundi, the Central African Republic, Benin and Togo — all nations in Sub-Saharan Africa — are the least satisfied with their lives, the report said. Continue reading

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